A little history about Ivy & Innocence and artist, Susan Reader.

Based on a world from Susan Reader's imagination, a wonderful community of whimsical stories, ivy covered cottages, and lively characters called Ivy & Innocence was born.

The Ivy village premiered at the January 1997 Atlanta gift trade show, as well as, the charming stories that accompanied them. As the magical town progressed, the story expanded with the development of several storybooks along with the introduction of a neighboring seaside village called Ivy Cove.

The award-winning Collection hit the market with high acclaim, recognized for its excellence in conception, design and creation. 

Previous supporters and associations with Susan Reader's artwork have included:  Hallmark, The Amana Colonies, Cabela's Gift, Disney Attractions and numerous specialty shops across the country.

Today, several of Ivy & Innocence's retired items can be found actively being bought and sold on Ebay and Amazon.

 Susan Reader's original artwork was sold in Peppertree Studios, a local art gallery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, however, it has since closed due to the severe flooding in the summer of 2008.

Susan Reader's original artwork was sold in Peppertree Studios, a local art gallery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, however, it has since closed due to the severe flooding in the summer of 2008.

Through Kickstarter, the time is perfect for a new storybook to open and revitalize the line. We need to encourage each other and bring inspiration back into our lives. Let's sprinkle wonder over all our tomorrows and make a difference, especially for those that need it most.

About the Artist

At an early age, I began drawing and coloring. I did not wish to do much of anything else...well, except climb a tree or two, or read and swing. Oh, that wonderful swing. I would swing for hours with the sun on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.

Born in Illinois into a military family, I moved around the Midwest throughout my childhood and my art, my own little secret world where I found happiness, went with me.

Eventually, I landed in the heartland of Iowa where I fell in love and married. Supporting my passion, my husband and I began traveling throughout the country selling everything I could paint. Our items evolved from wood to brick, developing a unique village made from bricks. I could not keep up.

We started converting them into the line of cottages and figurines called Ivy & Innocence. This miniature village of shabby cottages and shops flourished. And as it grew, I watched it inspire others, seed optimism and spread hope.

Then life threw my artistic journey into a tailspin. I had to shelve my work to cherish as much time with my family as I could. My pencils and brushes, which had brought me so much joy, dried out. Over all this time, I have learned your passion will call you back no matter what. It keeps beckoning with every beat of your heart. It is impossible to ignore.

I needed away to bring Ivy & Innocence back and began searching.

With some online research, I discovered the crowdfunding website called Kickstarter. Through this platform, along with the dedicated supporters still actively pursuing the retired pieces, my return venture began. I will never forget. It was a week before Thanksgiving 2014 and I was filled with hope and so very, very thankful.

I have no doubt that Ivy & Innocence will breathe life once again. My faith comes from a power mightier than my own. It is a knowing Ivy makes a difference in lives, our children's lives, inspiring others to do great things. My ordinary self wishes to kindle your childlike curiosity to explore the world around you, one step at a time, out the door, down the old cobblestone walk and into a place of wonder.

The return storybook marks a new journey and I will cherish every step of the way. Your support will allow me to renew my purpose and follow my passion to bring a wonderful village back to life. I wish to leave a legacy for our children and our great grandchildren in order for them to discover their path to happiness long after we are gone. To express my gratitude, I will strive to improve everything I can to astonish you with Ivy wonderment.

In essence, Ivy is our past, yours & mine. It is our families’ history. It is our grandparents’ history. My intent is to preserve their humble lifestyle, warm experiences and fading memories. We must not forget them, especially in this fast, technological world we live in.

If you feel Ivy and its timeless principles are something you can support, follow my campaign on Kickstarter, Oct 12th. Share Ivy & Innocence with your family and friends. I step forward into the digital world to revitalize Ivy & Innocence.

It is my continuing goal to instill hope into the heart of every adventurous soul that ventures down the cobblestone lane and awaken the possibilities within them.

Join me in this exciting venture. Let's dream together and go further than we ever thought possible.

May every day bring you warm Blessings and Sweet Ivy Dreams,

Susan Reader
Artist and Creator of Ivy & Innocence

Always look up and connect. Let the power of the universe be your guide.