Essence of Ivy Flipbook

Get your copy of the 24-page Ivy Flipbook, just let me know if you would like to see the ‘Essence of Ivy’ Flipbook! Find out how Ivy & Innocence acquired its vintage look and elegant style plus more interesting Ivy tidbits you will enjoy.

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Sneak a peak - shown are a few sample pages... the flipbook is full of wonderful pictures, images and illustrations - there's even a few stories, including the Essence of Happiness and how Ivy & Innocence came to have its vintage look and elegant style.

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I invite you to join our exciting venture down the old cobblestone lane back to a magical place in time...
Discover the Essence of Ivy!

Open your mind to its childlike wonder and discover all the magical opportunities hidden there. Together we can aspire to create a future full of opportunity in a world filled with hope and inspiration.

Enjoy the exploration.