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Discover a magical book where amazing adventures unfold taking you on a journey to find Essence of Joy in our ordinary & special lives.

This storybook is not an ordinary book. Inside its pages are secrets. The hidden keys to a positive outlook on life.

The new Return to Ivy & Innocence storybook aims to open the eyes of the reader to a new perspective on life and is highly recommended if you want to gift optimism to your child, family and friends.

These captivating adventures depict a community of whimsical folk living a traditional lifestyle that unite to defeat various life challenges. They are inhabitants of an imaginary village of cottages, Ivy dwellers so-to-speak, from a special place in time called Ivy & Innocence.

The storybook teaches how to have a positive outlook on life and brings your imagination to life.

The meaning behind Ivy & Innocence is to awaken wonderment, dreams, and inspire every reader, young or old. To show the ups and downs in life and meet them, not with defeat, but appeal to our spontaneous instincts to overcome them.

We tell stories to our little ones fairy tales not only to amuse them. We need to trigger their imagination and activate their senses at an early age. They need things that stimulate their minds to grow.

Television, the internet, movies and games all impact our children, especially in their formative years. They do not need another digital game that diminishes their confidence because they cannot defeat the boss monster, activating scorn, anger, frustration and aggression. This stimulus, either good or bad, will persuade their character to develop a mirror-like attitude. As parents, we need to realize what is put in front of their children will shape their character in the years to come.

Therefore, great care is needed to give our children books which suggest the right ideals. Stories which motivate them to make the right choices in life. Tales that inspire them to do great deeds!

 Enjoying the day with my husband and our first born son in flight!

Enjoying the day with my husband and our first born son in flight!

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Gift the Ivy & Innocence storybook, a book that illustrates commitment, support, love and faith - values that build strong life-standards and give meaning to family. Ivy nurtures the principles that translate into a optimistic view toward life and fostering a positive outlook, especially in our young, is priceless.

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