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An Ivy & Innocence Journey Back to a Special Place in Time

"The Return to Ivy" Event

Wow, ... only two weeks away. I am so excited that I can hardly wait. Today the Kickstarter website was approved. I needed approval before allowed to launch. I read that it normally took four to seventeen days...and I was nervous because here it is 14 days away. Time seems to be zooming forward.

The "Return to Ivy" Event received permission in 24 hours! They must have liked what they saw to send approval so quickly. (for those wanting to register for the event, please visit: http://goo.gl/76pSvi )

Digging into all my photos (that I haven't looked at in years) has really brought back some wonderful memories. I wanted to show you our booth photo I found... This was the booth that won the "Visual Booth Award" 1st place. It was as exciting then as it is now, at this stage, where I am gearing up to do it again, launching a line so dear to me.

I cannot thank you enough for being a part of it.

Warm Blessing and Sweet Ivy Dreams,

Susan Reader

Our booth in Atlanta, GA. where it all began.