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An Ivy & Innocence Journey Back to a Special Place in Time

RARE listing of Annabelle & Theodore - a 1st gen Ivy & Innocence piece.


Just listed on Ebay... (for all those interested)   Annabelle& TheoAnnabelleBox AnnabellebesideBox1This piece was part of the first designs of Ivy & Innocence and introduced in 1996 by Susan Reader. It is from the very first original shipment brought into the country. This piece, along with ten others, were shown once - at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart in January 1997 - prior to my signing the licensing agreement (after which, all the Ivy packaging was reworked with the new Ivy logo, boxes and backstamp to include the signing company now wanting their presence associated with Ivy & Innocence).

These rare, earliest Ivy & Innocence boxes and bottom stamps read: Ivy & Innocence Collection, Item Number 2001, ©1996 S. G. Reader

This one-of-a-kind piece is now up on Ebay and has only seen daylight when the bottom was signed. It is in pristine condition direct from the artist’s collection.

All proceeds from these listings are going toward the relaunch of Ivy & Innocence and building a continuing Ivy presence on Ebay. Thank you for your support in bringing Ivy back to life.

AnnabelleonBox1Warm Blessings and Sweet Ivy Dreams, Susan