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Girl with Puppy

Hello All Ivy Friends,

I have decided to complete this lovely figurine that never made it into Ivy's production. She is wonderful and is one of two in existence.  I will paint them identical - twins so to speak. I will keep one for my private collection and the other I wish to put up on Ebay. The funds will help minimize the expense of the new kickstarter launch - advertising, video (over $1k) and/or help pay for the studio cleanup (which I am currently armed with my bucket and rags and broom and vacuum and finding wonderful things).

My studio does not have air-conditioning and it tends to resemble a sauna on these warm days in July... and I am used to battling with the dog over the prime spot from the fan's wind flow, although, I usually let him win.  :)

I will keep you informed and updated when this rare gem is up on ebay. I need to get my studio prepped for the filming of video first.

I can't not remember where I have ever sold a hand-painted original Ivy piece... I do believe one hand-painted original currently resides in Florida in loving hands but other than that... I can't recall any others. This will be a first.

Have a wonderful day with sweet Ivy Dreams!