In All My Ordinary Self

Hello All,

Today was a great day. I was invited to a Birthday Party for two of my great nieces - Sophia (13) and Olivia (11). My how they have grown (pictured below) I saw family I haven't seen in a while. The highlight was when I got to hold a great niece I just met for the first time. Finnlyn was only a few months old! It has been a long time since I have held such a tiny little thing. She fell asleep in my arms... and in that moment, all my ordinary self connected to the vast universe.

But when I returned home, I was back in reality. Earlier this summer, the neighbor's dog had infiltrated our hedge and had trampled down most of my flower bed. Thus, I strategically place a chair to obstruct further canine intrusion.

I decided to go out and take pictures of what I could. While taking random shots and thinking about all the destroyed flowers that would have been so pretty right now... I noticed something.

I realized the sun was just beginning to set. My timing was perfect. The rays were just beginning to infiltrate the hedge and the slats in our picket fence. It was so surreal. I saw beauty even without the flowers. I knew everything, even the smashed things in my world, was okay.

Again, in all my ordinary self, I felt connected to the vast universe. Twice today I was reminded of the wonder around me.

Yes, it was a wonderful day.

:)  Susan