Moving Mountains

On the Mountaintop.jpg

Hello New Day!

Have you ever felt like you are not where you are supposed to be? Not doing what you are supposed to be doing? Do you have that tiny inner feeling, a niggling at your senses, telling you something isn't right? A lost feeling with each ticking second like a poke to your ribs, "shouldn't you be some place else, doing some thing else..."

I am able to subdue the pokes being completely dedicated to getting my life course on track. However, they are still there. Those annoying pokes. Because I am not there yet, although, my path is leading me in the right direction (down the cobblestone lane back). That's how it is with me anyway.

What about you?

I suppose that's how you discover your gift...  when you lose yourself in the love of doing whatever it is you are doing.

I believe we all have natural gifts blessed us at birth. Our first birthday gift, so-to-speak. Talents that seem as natural as breathing and life doesn't feel quite right unless we are doing it. I like to think that is our purpose in life. To discover what our natural gifts are and to use them.

It is different in all of us and I love those differences. Being different makes us interesting. It builds inner character and our individuality.

The excitement really begins when our ordinary selves connect with others, networking our unique talents, our gifts shine brighter and we are able to give so much more because when we join together we are much stronger.

I believe when we (yes, us, you and I, just ordinary, simple, every day people), do whatever we can to give someone hope, to help them dream, to make their load a little lighter or make their day a little brighter... this is the path to a rewarding life. I think this is the secret of happiness.

And isn't this what we are all searching for? Happiness? Using our gifts (things we love doing) to bring hope and joy to another so they can use their talents to bring hope and joy to another and so on and so on and so on - do you see how contagious this is?

I want to belong to such a connection, sparking hopeful energy in others, planting optimism so that it grows and sparks others to dream, hope and inspire.

One day, I picture this ginormous, collective bubble exploding with happiness on a mountaintop...  wouldn't that be a powerful force to reckon with.  It just might move the entire mountain. Don't you think?

I believe so.   :)

Have a wonderful day!  ~  Susan