Wonderful endorsements from Friends of Ivy!

A few notes, letters and wishes which have made the journey so memorable!

From a Loyal Friend of Ivy, Jeannine


Your story is so touching to me. I began collecting Ivy in 1996 as a broke college student in PA. It was love at first sight for me. I stopped collecting in 1999 when I moved to FL for grad school (with even less money). My family carefully packed my town as I pleaded with them to not break a single piece. After graduation in 2004 I realized that the company dissolved. I began to find a piece here and there on ebay. Last year my fiancé and I bought our first home.

Mission was on to complete my collection. He thought I was crazy at the time I spent and fought for the pieces I needed. I bought a huge curio and completed my collection in Nov 2014. It sits at the top of my staircase and welcomes me home every day. It is truly a prized possession of mine. It represents a hard time in life with school and moving and overcoming it all. It is the cheerful world I aspire to live in every day.

Thank you, Susan, for bringing this gift of yours back to all of us. It’s hard to believe how different the world is now versus then. I have a few of your brick pieces and had no idea what that represented to you. Always wondered the story on them. I think this will be bigger than you ever thought.

With the web now anything is possible and will go far beyond shows and gift shops representing you. The world will be your stage! ENJOY IT!                     
~ Loyal Friend of Ivy, Jeannine


A note from Fern Hill Gifts & Quilts,
South Amana, IA

Hi Sue!  What a lovely surprise to see your note.  Of course, Ivy and innocence will always have a special place in my heart since we have seen it born and been a part of its journey.  You are so talented and I am so glad that such a great touch of gentleness will be available to folks again that so appreciate the beauty of that special innocence that is a part of your work.  I look forward to that cup of tea!   ~  Patti @ Fern Hill, South Amana, IA.

This is the very essence of Ivy.

In her letter, Marilyn explains how her entire family enjoys the collection - all the way down to her small grand-children able to afford pieces with their limited Christmas ‘Grandma’ budgets. The sharing of birth dates and gifting the flag pole is precious. How their Grandfather, Mr. John Knight, resembles a piece in the collection, (and he actually does!) I love how she constructs an “Ivy Street” and carefully rearranges it when new pieces are added.

The instant Ivy becomes a part of your family moments and your entire family is building a “special place in time” is what makes Ivy & Innocence so wonderful.

Shown Above:
Ivy & Innocence Making Wishes Come True (Retired) from Parker's Bed & Breakfast ~ Chapter One.

*On a side note: I have placed a penny in my wishing well and made my wish... I will certainly let you know when my wish comes true! Actually, you might hear about it as I will be singing from the mountaintops. ~ Susan Reader

To The Ivy Vine,

Can you believe it took 69 years for my wish to come true?? Who says only “little” girls make wishes?? I’ve seen all my friends, my daughter and granddaughter collect many things, but never have I desired to own a collection until ~ I was transfixed by “Ivy & Innocence” ~ I became a good “Friend” immediately!

Today I purchased the “Making Wishes Come True” wishing well as well as several other pieces ~ so my wish for a collection that would reflect my personality, fulfill my nostalgic mood and warm my heart has finally become a reality and I shall treasure adding pieces as long as I live and gratefully leave it to my one granddaughter, Rebekah. 

~ Lovingly, Naomi, Dedicated Friend of Ivy Member

Hi. I just discovered these beautiful pieces and I fell in love with the detail. I bought a dollhouse cottage style from a sweet lady in Canada on Etsy. Well, the way she displayed it made it look so pretty and I just had to get it but unfortunately the outside items were not for sale. Long story short, I ended up buying the outside pieces from her that decorated the house and when I received them in the mail this week, I thought these are so cute…surely there has to be more. Well of course...they were Ivy & Innocence and immediately I searched eBay and to my surprise there they were …. so that’s how I was introduced to these beautiful pieces and now I’m hooked…lol
So welcome back! I look forward to seeing new and beautiful pieces!  ~  Deborah , a new Friend of Ivy!